Quato Proof View 700 monitor til trykkeri og trykpult ISO 3664

Quato Proof View 700 21" monitor

Proof-Display for color control directly on the press or in a stationary normlight booth with ISO3664 compliant luminance

The Proof View 700 was especially developed to avoid the non ISO3664 compliant dimming of lightsources in the viewing booth, the control desk or at the press. Thanks to its high luminance level of 700cd/m2 (ca. 2.200 Lux), the display can be operated within the ISO3664 viewing condition P1 compliant illumination range of 2.000 Lux (+/- 500 Lux). For the first time, users can instantly check the print or proof with the display´s softproofing without reducing the brightness down the standard 450 Lux level of viewing condition P2. This speeds up work, gives more flexibility and avoids potential issues due to inappropriate illumination levels.

Technical data and features:

· S-IPS-Pro Panel with direct CCFL-Backlight

· direct USB-control of the 3x12bit LUT with 48bit precision

· up to 700cd/m2 luminance, contrast 1.000:1

· 1600 x 1200 Pixel @ 30bit (Frame-Modulation)

· iColor Display 3 calibration software and hood included

· precise Silver Haze Pro colorimeter (optional) recommended for high luminance measurements

· Warranty: 36 month (EC only)


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