Quato IntelliProof 240 LED high-End monitor softproof + billedbehandling

Quato Intelli Proof 240 LED excellence

Extended Wide Gamut proof display with 16bit 3D hardware calibration, 108% NTSC LED backlight and uniformity compensation

The Intelli Proof excellence LED is perfectly suited for all high end graphic professionals and photographers which demand a true match with Adobe-RGB, ECI-RGB and ISOcoated v2. The integrated direct USB-hardware calibration adjusts whitepoint, gamma and luminance with up to 48bit precision. The true 10bit color rendering ensures vivid colors and smooth gradiants for highly precise soft proofs and perfect image editing. Additionally, the integrated ugra UDACT allows a user based certification of the display at any time. Plus, video professionals benefit from the HD compatibility including HDCP and the simulation of different color standards like SMPTE-C or BT.709.



Technical data and features:

· S-IPS Wide Color Gamut TFT with RGB LED-Backlight and native 10bit signal processing

· ADC - direct backlight with 1.620 RGB-LEDs and active 105 area uniformity compensation

· direct USB-control of the 3x16bit 3D LUT with 48bit precision and advanced color matching

· up to 250cd/m2 luminance, contrast 1.000:1

· 1920 x 1200 Pixel @ 30bit native - 2.3mp

· DVI with HDCP and 10bit DisplayPort interfaces

· Complies to Class A according to the Fogra Cert Softproof Programme

· iColor Display 3 calibration software incl. UDACT and hood included

· Warranty: 36 month (EC only)



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