Quato IntelliProof 262 ex monitoe Adobe-RGB hardware kalibrering

Quato IntelliProof 300 Excellence


Adobe-RGB and ECI-RGB optimized 102% NTSC Wide Gamut proof display with 16bit 3D hardware calibration and uniformity compensation

The Intelli Proof 300 excellence is perfectly suited for all graphic professionals and photographers which demand a wide color gamut up to 100% Adobe-RGB match and 100% ISOcoated v2 match. The integrated direct USB-hardware calibration adjusts whitepoint, gamma and luminance with up to 48bit precision. The user friendly iColor Display software makes the complete calibration process a snap. The true 10bit color rendering ensures vivid colors and smooth gradiants for highly precise soft proofs and perfect image editing. Additionally, the integrated ugra UDACT allows a user based certification of the display at any time. Plus, video professionals benefit from the HD compatibility including HDCP, and the perfect simulation of different color standards like SMPTE-C or BT.709.

Technical data and features

S-IPS Wide Color Gamut TFT with WCGCCFL-Backlight, optimized for ECI-RGB
ADC - direct 14 area backlight with active 25 area uniformity compensation
direct USB-control of the 3x16bit LUT with 48bit precision
up to 400cd/m2 luminance, contrast 1.000:1
2.560 x 1.600 Pixel @ 30bit FM - 4.1Mp

Complies to Class A according to the Fogra Cert Softproof Programme
iColor Display 3 calibration software incl. UDACT and hood included
Warranty: 36 month (EC only)

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