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Techkon SpectroPlate All-Vision


· % Dot Percentage
· Screen angle in °
· Screen frequency in l/cm & lpi
· dot % transfer curve
· dot gain transfer curve
· geometric analysis
· memory for 100 data sets
· measurement of chemistry-free, processless plates with very low visible contrast.

Why measurements on printing plates ?
Today in the age of Computer-to-Plate it is obvious:
Without quality control in pre-press, there is no guarantee for quality in print. Thus the measurement of the right dot transfer on offset printing plates is a key segment of comprehensive process control in the printing industry. However, measurement is only useful if the appropriate measurement technology is applied. Some years ago using densitometers on printing plates was common practice. But densitometers are designed for measuring on printed papers leading to limits when reading on plates. At present, plate measurement devices based on microscopic image capture and processing are the established standard.

TECHKON SpectroPlate unifies all advantages of this modern measurement technology in a compact, hand-held instrument.

How does SpectroPlate work ?
The measurement accuracy of a plate-measuring device is determined by the quality of the optical system and the performance of the image processing algorithms. SpectroPlate meets the highest standards in this respect. The sample is illuminated uniformly with spectral broadband light. The microscopic image is captured by a precision optical lens system and a high resolution CMOS color matrix sensor with high dynamic range. The processing of the detailed color image is performed by a powerful graphic signal processor and sophisticated imaging algorithms. All relevant quality parameters for correctly manufactured printing plates are shown on the LCD display.

Versatile in use
Thanks to the excellent image capture quality and the ingenious graphic calculations, SpectroPlate can read precisely any screen size and screen technology: FM, AM or Hybrid screen. The spectrally white illumination and dynamic color evaluation permits reading all kinds of plate types and coated surfaces.But it is not only plate reading where SpectroPlate shows its strengths. The multifunctional device handles dot measurement on film as well as on printed paper in CMYK-print excellently.

Portable Microscope
SpectroPlate lets you see things normally hidden to the human eye. It shows the raster dots on a film or a printing plate in large magnification on the device display or optionally on a computer screen. It lets you visually judge printing plates and discover any soiling or exposure errors now that the structure of the raster dots is visible. A specific strength is the image transfer of uncompressed highresolution files to the PC where they can be stored, edited or sent over the internet. Geometric sizes of dots or lines can be retrieved in micrometer- or mils-dimensions.

SpectroPlate Connect
The supplied Windows software connects the device to a PC. Measured values and transfer curves are diplayed and stored. The display of comparisons to target values, the data export to Microsoft Excel and the compatibility to RIP applications are additionally useful functions of SpectroPlate Connect. An exceptional feature is the enlarged view of the mircoscopic images.

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