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Quato Lightbox XL3

The Quato Lightbox XL3 is equipped with a USB communication interface that enables the "adJUST" and "basICColor display4" and of course Quato's Icolor software to adjust the brightness of the viewing cabinet and to match the image displayed on the monitor with that in the viewing cabinet automatically and with the utmost precision. For the first time, the image on the monitor and the printout can be compared directly under standardized light. Now with special backdrop worksurface for excellent illumination of color proofs up to 50 x 50 cm. Copy holder with even lighting from the top (1 x 18 W) and from below (1 x 18 W). Electronic dimmer and digital display with LEDs. Automatic warning for relamping after 2500 hours of light bulb use.

Product Specifications

Special backdrop worksurface
even illumination
totally glare- and reflection-free
special JUST fluorescent tubes proGraphic 5000
electronic dimmer
LED hour meter
2 x 18w tubes

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