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Quato Lightbox XL2


Wrong or unsufficient environmental lighting is one of the most problematic issues upon comparing soft proofs, contract proofs and prints. The tonal response of a print always depends on the light that is used to illuminate the viewing area. The perception of a color highly depends on the surrounding colors and the lighting conditions.

Apart from this, the light that iluminates the colors that are observed has an even larger influence on the perception of the color. As the color appearance changes with different illuminants, the ISO3664 (Viewing Conditions) and ISO12647-x (Graphic Technology) define a standardized lighting for judging proofs: the D50 standard.

With a D50 illuminant featuring a color temperature of 5000 K the Lightbox XL2 is the ideal work station for checking ink-jet proofs up to A3+ size under ISO standardized lighting. The Lightbox is ideal tool when comparing smaller images and transparencies side by side with the display´s output.

The special technology supports even illumination that is glare and reflection free. The electronic dimmer allow to adjust the Lighbox to the display´s luminance for a perfect soft proofing illumination.

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