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Productionserver 6 Color Copier Edition

Innovativ RIP software til laser copiers: professional farvestyring, intelligent media kontrol, perfekt netværksintegration. Kan udvides til digital prøvetryk.

Production server 6 Color Copier Edition consists of the Production Server 6 Select with the following modules: Media Device Synchronization MDS; Color Correction; Color Replacement; Color Copier COCM, as well as 5 Hotfolders, 1 Queue, 1 RIP Process und 1 Printer Driver Color Copier.
This edition now makes all the functions of the award-winning Production Server-RIP software available for toner-based color printers, such as laser copiers and LED printers. Wide range of expansion options, such as for mandatory digital proofing pursuant to ISO standard 12647-7, and the reference values pursuant to FOGRA 39 regulations.

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