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ColorGATE Print and Cut

Print and Cut

Print and Cut PCM

PCM - efficient contour cut, precise finishing: POP displays to industrial applications: The Print and Cut Module PCM for Productionserver 6 is the optimal solution for cutting, routing and finishing materials like wood, plastic, synthetics, leather and textile.

PCM allows to separate the cut paths from the print data and to generate synchronization marks for automated positioning detection and adjustment at the finishing production.

PCM supports Graphtec - Mimaki - Mutoh - SummaSign cutting plotters. To control digital cutting tables manufactured by Aristo - MultiCam - Kongsberg - Zünd (Touch and Cut, Zünd Cut Center) with the Print and Cut Module ColorGATE offers hardware-specific drivers.

Multiple cut path support

Sets of device parameters can be configured so that e.g. kiss-cutting or through-cutting purposes in the same job can be achieved.

Rotate job data

Rotate job data by 180 degress to simplify roll-to-roll print and cut workflows. Cut data rotation in 90 degree steps for cutting tables.

Cut path extraction settings

Bezier conversion methods (device-specific): Convert to arcs, line segments or preserve beziers. Recursive algorithm for conversion with input function for permissible deviation from curve and number of maximum line segments per curve. Additional alternative conversion method includes separate features for quality control. Numeric report about conversion results.

Container and multiple output

Creation of cut jobs from containers and multiple outputs. Editable cutpath layer order according to the production processes when there a mutliple cut paths in the job.

ColorGATE CutServer

Separate application to transmit cut files from Productionserver to a cutting plotter, based on hotfolder technology. Supports Graphtec (USB, TCP/IP), SummaSign (Serial, USB TCP/IP), Mimaki FX Series (Serial, USB), Roland CAMM-1 and CAMM-1Pro (Serial). Mutoh cutting devices are supported via Mutoh CutServer. Device related features: Automatable workflow with barcode technology.

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