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ColorGATE Photogate module


Photogate Module PHGM

The Photogate Module PHGM adds the complete range of Photogate 7 functions to Productionserver 6 to offer the following additional features:

16-bit rendering for the output of photo and art prints as well as FineArt reproduc-tions in highest quality

Functions for neutral grayscale images, individual effect shading and color adjustment to compensate for ambient light

Additional functions to define cut marks and frame thickness for canvas frame pro-duction and automatic scaling to the frame size selected

Photogate Module PHGM can be freely combined with Filmgate Module FGM, Plategate Module PLGM and Proofgate Module PGM.

Contact sheets

Automatic generation of image overviews (series)

Color conversion

For sepia effects or similar

Ambient light

Print output with color compensation to the ambient light

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