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GMG - ColorServer

Your advantages at a glance

CMYK-to-CMYK conversion

One of the outstanding functions of GMG ColorServer is its fully automatic CMYK color conversion. This is used to convert CMYK data from one standard – industry standards, such as GRACoL, PSR, ISO, and 3DAP, or in-house standards – to another industry or in-house standard and allows incoming image data that were received from different sources to be “normalized” to a single, uniform standard. Similarly outgoing data can be optimized for multiple output processes, respective of the specific printing process or condition.

Reseparation of CMYK data

Besides color conversion GMG  ColorServer offers the possibility to reseparate the entire document. With the

reseparation of image and vector objects in CMYK documents it is ensured that the printed results are separated homogeneously and consistently and thus offer better print results.

4D color management ensures identical printing results

GMG ColorServer was developed by GMG in collaboration with leading printing companies and publishers and is based on GMG's 4D color management. The software computes the original and target values directly into CMYK – without the detour via a LAB color space. This way the integrity of the black channel in the original data is retained in its exact proportions in the transformed, target CMYK color space, ensuring that the visual impression of the output remains identical. An ICC device profile approach cannot lead to the desired result considering that the color space conversion used by the CIELab is three-dimensional and lacks information about the black channel generation

(fourth color) required for accurate color conversions.

RGB-to-CMYK conversion

RGB files are often delivered unprepared for printing. The RGB files are placed in a hot folder and processed according to the parameters defined for this hot folder e.g. scaled, sharpened and separated. The GMG separations are much

smoother compared to those made with ICC profiles leading to less problems during printing. The separations generated by GMG are far more accurate than the ones produced using ICC, with less problems during the printing process.

{ RGB-to-RGB conversion RGB files may be converted within different standard RGB color spaces like AdobeRGB, ECI-RGB or sRGB. This is particularly useful in standardizing RGB data in prepress and as well web and display-based applications.

PDF-to-PDF conversion

In addition to the handling of pixel data, it is also possible to manipulate PDF files for both CMYK-to-CMYK and RGB-to-CMYK conversions. When converting PDF files, the RGB images within the PDF file can be automatically scaled, sharpened and separated. It is not necessary to revert to image and layout applications during the document creation process.

Cost savings through accelerated work processes

The extended hot folder technology allows to automatically detect embedded profiles and conversion with the respective GMG profiles resulting in large and continual cost savings.

Standard and individual profiles

Working with standard profiles gives the possibility to start immediately the production, using reference profiles extensively tested and certified by GMG. GMG ColorServer is shipped with a large amount of profiles for various industry printing standards. If individual profiles are needed, ProfileEditor

which is included in the package may be used to create and edit GMG 4D color profiles. GMG profiles can be self created for conversion from RGB to CMYK as

well as from one CMYK printing standard to an inhouse standard or vice versa. The GMG Gamut Mapping takes care of the optimal conversion of colors both in visual and colorimetric regard. The aim is to maintain the color appearance

of the original colors even when printed on different paper types.

Wide range of applications and industries The flexibility and versatility of GMG ColorServer is demonstrated by the wide range of customers that includes

agencies with their own prepress departments, repro houses and prepress businesses, printing companies of all types, as well as newspaper, periodical and book publishers. 

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