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ColorLogic CoLiPri


Applying high-end DeviceLink technology directly in Adobe Photoshop®

The CoLiPri (Color - Link - Print) plugin is a product enabling the creation, application and editing of DeviceLink profiles directly in Adobe Photoshop®. As a result, you can create and apply high-end DeviceLink profiles, including abstract profiles, simply and reliably in your accustomed working environment..

Colipri-Filter-in-PhotoshopIn this way, the restrictions encountered when using standard ICC color management solutions can be avoided with the help of DeviceLink profiles. DeviceLink technology provides powerful methods for adapting colors to different printing processes. In this context, it is of no importance whether you need to prepare data for different printing processes, limit the total amount of color, configure a fine-tuned color transformation in a DeviceLink, or reduce the amount of ink.

CoLiPri offers a variety of control options for optimally matching color transformation to the required workflow. 


Particular attention was paid to the handling of exceptions (e.g. handling of the black channel, pure colors etc.), as well as to intelligent handling when reducing the total amount of colorr.

Additional rendering intents permit harmonious conversion of colors, even when facing critical conditions and requirements that standard solutions are incapable of covering, such as color transformation when using highly pigmented inks.


The Edit tool in the CoLiPri plugin offers additional possibilities for fine-tuning existing DeviceLink profiles. But the Edit module can do much more than that. Do you have a number of color optimizations that you apply time and again to similar motifs? If so, you can perform these global color corrections once using CoLiPri Edit and then save them in a DeviceLink profile. Needless to say, the DeviceLink profile created in this way can then be applied automatically in a workflow program, such as ZePrA. This saves a lot of tiresome work, and additionally avoids errors that can happen during manual correction.

Moreover, the highly efficient SaveInk function is available directly in CoLiPri. As a result, you have the possibility of creating DeviceLink profiles that not only stabilize your printing process, but additionally optimize the color composition in such a way that more black and less chromatic color is used - without sacrificing quality, of course.


Advantages of CoLiPri at a glance:

CoLiPri stands for "Color - Link - Print" and is an Adobe Photoshop® PlugIn. It enables users to create, edit, and also immediately apply DeviceLink profiles based on the ICC standard directly in Photoshop®

CoLiPri is the ideal addition in the field of color management, primarily thanks to its simple user prompting, its integration in Photoshop®, the outstanding quality of the color conversions, and the possibility of easily configuring and applying any desired color corrections in a DeviceLink profile.  

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