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A class of its own in the profiling market

Do you want to create high-quality profiles simply and reliably? Or perform direct color transformations by means of DeviceLink profiles where conversion with ICC profiles fails to produce the desired result? Or edit color conversions in controlled fashion? If so, read on...

If you've been using different software packages to do all those jobs up to now, and if you're still not really satisfied with the outcome, then you should definitely take a closer look at our "snake"! CoPrA stands for "Color Profiling Application" and combines first-class output profiling with the tried-and-tested DeviceLink technology developed by ColorLogic. Just by working with CoLiPri - the innovative Adobe Photoshop plugin for creating, applying and editing DeviceLink profiles - many users have already found a solution that helps them overcome the limitations of the "classical" ICC workflow.

CoPrA offers possibilities far beyond CoLiPri!

While CoLiPri concentrates on the CMYK-2-CMYK market, CoPrA also covers the RGB and Grayscale color spaces. In addition, CoPrA is capable of creating output profiles based on the ICC standard that impress even critical users. CoPrA offers the possibility of arriving at outstanding results - both for experienced color management specialists and for novices who would prefer to rely on predefined settings.

Clearly structured user interface


As soon as you start the application, you'll easily see that extraordinary technology doesn't have to be extraordinarily complicated - quite the opposite. You have a choice of three fields of application: creation of a new DeviceLink profile, editing of an existing DeviceLink profile, or calculation of an output profile based on the ICC standard. 

CMYK_DVLSettingsOnce you've decided, a click on the appropriate icon automatically takes you to the corresponding window, where you can make the required settings.

The advantages of presets in CoPrA

The settings are a special feature of CoPrA, and you can save and re-use or edit them at any time. That not only avoids the often tiresome setting of individual options, but also guarantees more reliable production. Once you've achieved the required profile quality and results with certain 


settings, you can retrieve these settings time after time to create new profiles based on new 

measurement data - even if you're not a color management expert.

Moreover, a number of standard settings are available immediately after installation for output profiling and when creating CMYK-2-CMYK DeviceLink profiles. These high-quality settings are based on the experience gained when creating the standard DeviceLink sets.

Of course, you can also create and save as many settings of your own as you like. The host of setting options available caters to every requirement. The additional rendering intents, in particular, help the user to achieve the very best quality. The different modes for handling the black channel permit specific control of the separation characteristics. These options are complemented by the numerous possibilities for defining exceptions.


Creating DeviceLink profiles by editing

Another highlight in CoPrA - similar to CoLiPri - is the possibility of creating DeviceLink profiles by editing. These profiles can, for example, then be used in automated fashion in a workflow application that supports DeviceLink profiles (e.g. ZePrA).

Again, the handling is simplicity itself and doesn't produce incalculable results - in contrast to many other profile editing tools. You just open one of the Edit Charts that come with CoPrA (for CMYK, RGB, LAB or Grayscale) in your favorite image editing program and make all the color corrections you require. You can even add other image data, if you like. The only thing you have to bear in mind is that the corrections are applied globally to the whole Edit Chart. Based on this editing, CoPrA then calculates a new DeviceLink profile. This powerful function can be put to a wide variety of uses: you can perform recurring color corrections on different sets of image data, prepare RGB data for four-color printing, or simply fine-tune an existing DeviceLink profile. The possibilities offered by the Edit module are boundless.

Saving ink - Stabilizing the printing process
Printers, in particular, will probably be very interested in the "SaveInk" function offered by CoPrA. By optimizing the black composition of the data, this function makes it possible to reduce the amount of cyan, magenta and yellow used - without any loss of quality, of course. And you can even choose the extent of ink reduction. Applying this function to a moderate degree enhances the stability of the printing process. Needless to say, the "SaveInk" function can likewise be combined with all the other options in CoPrA.


Advantages of CoPrA at a glance:

CoPrA stands for "Color Profiling Application" and is a standalone application for MacOSX and Windows platforms that combines:

First-class ICC output profile generation,

Creation of abstract profiles,

ICC DeviceLink technology for RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, and MultiColor color spaces, as well as for switching between color spaces (e.g. RGB-2-CMYK DeviceLinks),

The possibility of saving color transformations of any kind, e.g. selective or global corrections, in the form of a DeviceLink profile. CoPrA offers top-class, professional quality in a program that is easy to use for color management pros and novices alike.

CoPrA offers highest professional quality in an application designed for the professional user as well as for the color management novice. 

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