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FTA Member Company CMG Premieres 17 FIRST Implementation Specialists at INFO*FLEX 2010

San Jose, CA, May 4, 2010 – The Color Management Group (CMG) announces 17 members are the first to achieve First Level I and II Implementation Specialist Certification for Flexographic Printing in FTA’s newest TEST (Technical Education Services Team) initiative. To better serve flexographic printing customers, CMG enrolled 17 members and one partner from North America and Europe in the FTA certification program hosted by Clemson University. The program focuses on Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications and Tolerances (FIRST) guidelines, illustrating the best practices through hands-on activities that span the entire flexographic workflow. This certification is the latest in a long line of accreditations including IDEAlliance’s G7™ Expert Status for CMG.

Historically designed for press and production personnel, the flexographic printing industry has used FTA’s TEST skills certification courses to ensure that new, existing and prospective employees are qualified and able to deliver what is expected at an operator level. As part of its TEST program, the skills exams were revised to align with FIRST (Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications and Tolerances) principles, and were re-branded as the FIRST Operator Skills Certification. In the past the color consultant who provides services to multiple customers, and whose background touches multiple disciplines within print did not have a place in this program. For the expert consultant, where the certification that asserts that they understand FIRST recommended practices, and how to implement them was missing. “The FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification is designed for non-production personnel who are connected to technical support roles,” explains Jay Tuccitto, FTA’s TEST Education Director. “These are people in the industry who are assisting printers in complying with FIRST. This certification ensures that the individual can walk into a given operation, and show its personnel how to collect data and use this data on a regular basis to achieve better consistency, run to run, product to product, every day.”

Working with Joe Tuccitto and Jay Sperry of Clemson University, each group member completed both Level I and Level II exams, achieving Implementation specialist level II certification. “Our active interest in packaging and an active pursuit for best practices brought us together,” said Marc Levine, CMG’s Business Development Director. Color Management Group and FTA are now gearing up for Level III certification. Color Management Group members are the first industry consultants to receive FIRST Implementation Specialist, and will be the only organization to offer this depth of Level III certified expertise. For more information on FIRST Implementation Specialist or any of FTA’s other certification courses, please contact TEST@flexography.org.

"This was a great group to have in this inaugural FTA program - they asked good questions, challenged us and in the end served to make the program even stronger. This class was also a great fit for the Institute - we are committed to being the premier spot for packaging innovation and implementation, and this type of advanced color control is key in empowering the vast network of printers and converters to efficiently produce the increasingly complex and demanding jobs of the future." Chip Tonkin, Director of the Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design & Graphics at Clemson University.

After years of seeing customers struggle through the package production process, CMG, Inc., has aligned with FFTA. “This partnership will bring together the best of breed implementation specialists with the best practices of flexo creating a winning combination. "Our team has had already great success serving litho markets. The Color management Group offers an unmatched blend of workflow, proofing, and production color expertise. We were early to adopt G7 within our group and our experts have helped hundreds of print businesses apply G7-based specifications in the pressroom and on the proof. We look forward to applying this knowledge to the flexo market and helping flexo customers reduce their cost and improve their quality through FIRST4 best practices." - Marc Levine, CMG Director of Business Development.

"This was an excellent experience overall. The facility, equipment and staff at the Sonoco Institute and the participation of the FTA were absolutely top notch. I personally learned a ton and I know all of the CMG members benefited greatly from the instruction and hands-on practice. There is no doubt in my mind that CMG members will be a driving force in FIRST implementation worldwide” Exclaims Dan Gillespie, ColorGeek and CMG’s Director of Technical Services.

The move into the flexographic printing and packaging industry further differentiates CMG’s solution portfolio of products and service offerings–and uniquely positions CMG to help brand owners and their supply chain to achieve their required print quality on a worldwide basis. Lida Jalali Marschke, founder of CMG states “CMG is proud to add this level of certification and credibility to our service mix and we look forward to demonstrating these abilities to the Flexographic industry at FFTA’s Annual Forum and INFO*FLEX Exhibition this week in Las Vegas, NV. Visit us at booth #726 May 3 and 4, 2010.

The following Color Management Group members and CMG Partners represent the first people to achieve FIRST Level I and II of the FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification: 

Bruce Bayne, Alder Technology 

Son Do, Rods and Cones 

Ron Ellis, Ron Ellis Consulting 

Dan Gillespie, ColorGeek 

Thomas Holm, Pixl 

Greg Irvin, Prepress Consultants 

Marc Levine, CMG 

Eric Magnusson, Left Dakota 

David Meyers, Meyers Prep 

Lee Nelson, Full Gamut Consulting 

Christian Schowalter, GMG USA 

Peter Shamray, Navigator Cross Media 

Dan Uress, Advanced Color Technologies 

Patricia Wales, Proofing and Prototyping Technologies 

Dan Wilson, Prepress I.T. Limited 

Karla Witte, TriangleDigital INX 

Terry Wyse, WyseConsul 

Darrian Young, Color & Image Consulting

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