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Uncompromising technology and outstanding screen features characterise the NEC SpectraView® 1990, 2090 and 2190 monitors, as well as the NEC SpectraView® Reference 21 with its LED backlight technology coupled with a comprehensive colour calibration solution. In addition to a detachable antiglare hood, they incorporate the SpectraView® Profiler software for hardware calibration of brightness, white point and Gamma and for the creation of ICC profiles. ColorComp provides outstanding uniformity of brightness and colour, as well as GammaComp – with its integrated 10-bit (Reference 21) or even 12-bit (90 series) look-up tables (LUTs) – for accurate colours and fine greyscale gradations. The real winner when it comes to reproducing the Adobe® RGB colour space is the NEC SpectraView® Reference 21, with its previously unheard-of coverage of significantly more than 100 per cent.

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