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Quato Technology 

Quato Technology GmbH is one of the leading suppliers for color measurement and color management in Europe. Our hardware and software products have been awarded by the press numerous times. Quato is the only company that offers color communication products from input over visualization to output from one hand.

It is Quato´s aim to be the leading innovator for color management, and to bring this technology to everyone working in photography, prepress and graphic arts sectors. Over the past two years, the highest barrier for color management has been removed: complexity. Quato´s solutions make it incredibly easy to make use of color-managed workflows and even more, it´s now affordable for everyone.

With the Intelli Proof series, Quato offers an automatically hardware-calibrated TFT that goes beyond all other solutions on todays market due to its concept, ease of use and software functionality.

The continuing growth of the market for color management solutions shows that this technology is no longer a solution for only few of us. As more and more companies want to have their hands on color, this highly dynamic market will definitely expand in the next years. Quato Technology is prepared for this development.

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